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We will contact speaker for Symposium and Lecture by e-mail for Registration.

Please let us know if you did not receive e-mail from us. Mahalo! 

1. DEADLINE: The deadline for electronic submissions is 30 June 2016 at 12:00 pm (midday) JST.


2. ABSTRACT LIMIT: One presenter is allowed to submit only one paper. Co-authorship is not counted for this restriction.


3. WORD LIMIT: Abstract should be written within 250 words excluding author names, affiliation and key words.


4. TITLE and BODY: Do use capital letters only where essential (e.g. The effect of parity on second trimester uterine artery Doppler parameters). Do not put your title in quotation marks. Do not use formatting tags in the title. Do not add a full stop ('.') at the end of the title. You may copy and paste your submission body from your word processor into the appropriate sections.


5. SPECIAL CHARACTERS and FORMATTING: If you copy and paste the title and/or body of your submission from your word processor, special characters should transfer, but formatting will not transfer. Please be careful.


6. DISCLOSURES: You will be asked to complete specific disclosures when you make a presentation.


7. PRESENTATION TYPE: All abstracts will usually be considered for poster presentation. The program committee will choose some papers for the oral presentation based on topics and criteria made by the committee. If you wish not to be selected for the oral presentation (prefer the poster), please inform us.


8. AWARDS: Best presentation awards will be given to young presenters under 35 years old at the moment of presentation who presented an outstanding paper. Please show your wish to be involved in the competition un the submission form. Please note that you are required to be a member of Japan Society for Pituitary Research on your application.


9. INSTITUTIONS/AFFILIATIONS: You will be asked to enter all the institutional affiliations for your authors prior to adding the authors. 


10. AUTHORS: Please enter all authors in the submission form, you will need to provide contact information on the presenter. 


11. KEYWORDS: Up to 5 keywords may be entered. You are required to enter at least 1 keyword.


12. NOTIFICATIONS: Notifications of abstract decisions will be sent in July 2016.


13. SUBMISSION OR MEETING QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding the submission about the Symposium, please contact the ISPGRS Secretariat via email ( or fax (+81 (0) 463 91 4343).


14. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you have any difficulty with the submission process, please contact the ISPGRS Secretariat via email ( or fax (+81 (0) 463 91 4343).

7 July 2016

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